TN Gaming Monitors

Modern 3D gaming is one of the most popular and most fun activities that are available today. Millions of Americans (mostly males) enjoy gaming because it offers a fun way to relax and have fun. But gaming is a lot less fun with long loading times. The same is true if the rendering is choppy. Some LCD monitors – mostly older models – have  too-high refresh rates and as a result many gamers are looking for the best and fastest monitors for their gaming needs. Here we will have a look at some of the best and most popular PC monitors for gaming, that should offer you a better than average experience.

Before I tell you about the best gaming monitors, I will first show you what you must look out for when searching for a reliable gaming monitor. First, you should make sure that the monitor is easy to use and comes from a reliable company that has a good support system, so that you can have a trained personnel answer your questions and/ or concerns. When purchasing a gaming monitor, make sure to take into account the fact that each monitor has different connections such as: HDMI, VGA, etc.

Also, you should always look out for the response time. Many of you may be wondering what a response time is. Response time is simply the speed at which a pixel is able to transform from black to white and so on. When a monitor has a low response time, it produces a blurry image or takes a long time for an image to load.

Why TN?

Another thing that you should consider is called an input lag. This is very important because it is the time that it takes for a PC to send a certain signal or photograph to a monitor.
One of the best types of panel technology is known as the TN panel technology. When selecting a Gaming monitor, a good option is to search for one that uses TN panel technology as opposed to other types of panel technology. The reason why is because it has many benefits and can help improve your gaming experience.

The first reason why the TN technology is good to look for in your gaming monitors is that most of the time the monitors that use the TN technology are usually more economical than their counterparts. These monitors usually are under 300 dollars, which is much more economical than other panel types – at the cost of a narrower color spectrum.

Samsung Syncmaster S27A350H

Also, the main reason why it is recommended that you use a gaming monitor with TN technology is because of the fast speed. The TN panel technology is one of the fastest types of panel technology and can make your gaming experience much more pleasant because you won’t have to wait an eternity for a game to load, thanks to the 2ms speed. In general the TN monitors have much more benefits and they definitely outweigh the risks.
List of Good Gaming Monitors:

  • Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor: This is a great monitor that has TN technology and uses speeds of up to 2ms response time. This monitor has also received high ratings, especially because of its speed.
  • Asus VE276Q 27-Inch Full-HD LCD Monitor with Integrated Speakers: The best monitor for fighting championships.
  • Viewsonic VG2732M-LED 27-Inch Ergonomic LED Backlit Monitor (Black): Very fast response time and it has received high ratings.